Wednesday, October 03, 2012

WIAW #15 and Vegan MoFo #3 + Pancakes!

   Hi Friends!

   I hope you are enjoying this mighty fine Wednesday.  As I said yesterday, my parents are in town so I've been spending all of my free time with my mom.  They happen to be staying at my brother's house which means I've also been spending all of my free time with my Godson and my baby Niece (when my Godson let's me).  It's been a fun few days so far but I'm looking forward to the weekend and the following week when I'm on vacation and can properly enjoy their visit.

   Even with all of this family love, I have some yummy eats to share with you plus a yummy pancake recipe!

So let's get to it!

 {Pancakes!  OMG these were so yum.  Scroll down for the recipe!}
 {Smoothie!  Homemade almond milk, mango, banana, celery.  Delish!}

 {Salad!  Farmer's market greens and spinach, tomatoes, avocado, nooch and lemon dressing.}
 {Homemade vegan stuffed peppers.  Thanks Mom!}

 {Raw chocolate cookies.  Stay tuned for the recipe!}

** Not Pictured:  WATER, WATER,WATER!  And some coffee! ;) 

WMNAW - What My Nephew Ate Wednesday
{Whole wheat elbow macaroni and vegan stuffed peppers + some of my mom's homemade applesauce.  He loved it and I love him! xx}

Thanks Jenn for hosting this fun foodie link up party!

Onto the pancakes!
   Sticking with my Vegan MoFo theme, here is a super easy and yummy recipe using homemade almond milk.

   Over the weekend I was craving some pancakes and finally decided to try a yummy looking recipe from the  Let me tell you, it did not disappoint!  You can hop on over there for the Puffy Pillow Pancakes RecipeSay that five times fast!  I pretty much followed it to the "T" except that I used my own homemade almond milk in the recipe and substituted the canola oil for coconut oil.  I also used coconut oil when I cooked the pancakes.  Because of my milk, the pancakes had a subtle but delicious cinnamon flavor.  I definitely recommend adding cinnamon to the recipe if you do not make your own almond milk with cinnamon.
The batter... make sure to let it sit!
In the pan they go!
Ready to eat!

   I toasted up some walnuts and then added some pure organic maple syrup to the pan.  After warming it up I drizzled it on top of my pancakes.  Talk about heaven on a plate!  So freakin' delish!  I had leftover pancakes for a couple of days.  My favorite way to reheat them?  Pop them in the toaster!  I don't own a microwave, but even if I did I would never warm them up in there.  Can we say soggy?  Next time you want to warm up leftover pancakes use your toaster - you'll get toasty warm pancakes that are far from soggy.  You're welcome! ;)

Ves xx

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