Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Happy 'One Year' to my Little Blog! (and so many other things...)

   I can't believe it's been an entire year of blogging.  Yay me!  I'm so happy that I decided to start this blog.  It's been a crazy year with lots of changes.  Mostly great, with lots of ups but there have been some downs as well.  We've had some losses this year - my sweet cat Bella - and most recently - our family dog, Bailey.  It's felt so good to be able to write about the things that are happening in my life and to have a place to share it with others.  Thank you so much for listening/reading and I hope you have enjoyed it so far!

Bailey xx

Bailey in our backyard
Spice dog and Bailey
   We all miss Bailey so much but are comforted in the fact that she will be reunited with her best-friend Spice.  xx
You can put your kleenex away now... (mom)

Bake Sale update:

   Well, I have been up to my eyeballs in baking!  And although I LOVE to bake - it's been a bit much.  Today I made six different bars and cookies.  Yum and Yikes!  On the other hand, spending that much time in the kitchen has given me the chance to catch up on This American Life.  It's been so long since I've had a chance to listen to that podcast that it felt so good to tune into back to back episodes.  Tomorrow will be more of the same except instead of listening to a podcast I'll be listening to lectures from school.
   I passed by my parents house tonight to drop off my baked goods (they are storing them in the freezer for me) and got a glimpse of some of the goodies that my mom has made so far.  People will be in for a treat on Saturday.  My mom is the best baker this side of anywhere, hands down! 

Here are a couple of the goodies that I made today...

Cranberry Shortbread Cookies

Lemon Cookies
   Neither of these are my recipes so I think it's okay if I say that both of these cookies are SO yummy!  The Lemon Cookies are especially delicious.  I tweaked the recipe a bit and added more lemon to them.  They may look cute and simple but these cookies pack a flavor punch!  I literally had to leave the kitchen and turn out the lights so that I wouldn't eat more than one!  I hope these make it to the bake sale. :-s
Here is a link to the original recipe.  I added more lemon to mine and omitted the peppermint extract.  Instead, I added some lemon extract.  Mmm...

I totally forgot to take pictures of half the things I've made so far!  Oops.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll remember to take some more pictures.

I can't believe the bake sale is this weekend!  I feel like there is so much left to do and yet we have done so much already!  Remember, if you're planning on being in the Hamilton area please stop by the bake sale!  You can feel good about supporting a great cause while simultaneously buying some yummy treats for yourself or to share with your mom on Mother's Day!
(*We will be in front of Templemead School ---> click to see the map*)

Til next time...

Love you Bailey xo

Ves xx


  1. Congrats on your one year ves!
    <3 Gen

  2. I loved the cranberry shortbread. Do you have a link for that? The rest of my goodies are safely in the freezer. Yes, I too would keep coming back for more. Amanda

  3. Yes, I do have the link! So glad you liked them! I started out with this recipe and then modified it to how I wanted them to turn out: <--- I hope the link works! :)

  4. Hi Vesna! I nominated your site for the Food Stories Award for Excellence in Storytelling. I posted the details here: :)


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