Saturday, April 28, 2012

Oh, How Fun!

   A little while ago I had mentioned that I had some news (here).  Well I finally have the details (most of them!) worked out and am ready to share!  I'm participating in the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale - ever heard of it?  You can learn more about it here.  The idea is to promote cruelty free living via kind and delicious treats, while also raising money for a great cause.  I've chosen to donate all of the proceeds to Snooters Farm Animal Sanctuary.  Learn more about Snooters and the AMAZING people who run it here.

Check out one of the flyers that I made...

   I say "one of" because I've made three different ones today!  Ha.  Can you tell I'm a little excited?  This is my first fundraiser that I've ever put together and my first time organizing a bake sale!  So far I have heard the word NO a lot and that was just for the location!  I'm hoping I'll encounter kinder people when I start calling bakeries for donations (fingers crossed).  Although, I do have some pretty awesome people volunteering to bake for me already. (Have I mentioned how much I love my friends and family?) But it sure would be nice to get some donations from the pros! ;-)

Save the date...

   If you live in the Hamilton area (and even if you don't.. ha!) please make sure to stop by the bake sale on May 12th!  I'm holding it in front of Templemead School - rain or shine.  If it's raining that's all the more reason to buy a sweet treat to brighten up your day!  

In case you can't make it to the actual bake sale, you can still make a donation!  Contact me to find out how.

Oh, and of course... spread the word, please!

   In the next couple of days I'll post a list of goodies that I'll be making and perhaps the names of some bakeries that are willing to donate...  So check back soon!

Till then...

Happy Baking!

Ves xx

 **  By the way... if you are interested in volunteering to make some goodies I won't say no! Ha.  If you've never made a vegan goodie, fear not!  I can give you some tips. :)  Email me if you're interested.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

May I Interest You In a Sugar High?

   Got a sweet tooth?  I can help with that!  

   This post is a little late as I was hoping to post it around my Easter... but, better late than never!  Here are a few of the goodies that I made for the sweet table at Easter.  The chocolate ones are both vegan and RAW and the Lemon Tarts are vegan and ALL of them were delicious!

*please excuse my mad camera skills... or rather, please excuse my mad camera! :-)

Chocolate Brownie Bites!

Did I mention that these are RAW?
Vegan Lemon Tarts!

RAW Chocolate Candies!
...with a creamy center!
   So there you have it!  These were the yummy treats that I made for our Easter celebration.  You may be wondering why I keep mentioning (quite enthusiastically) that my chocolate treats are raw?  Well, I'd be more than happy to give you an explanation!  
   Raw chocolate (or cacao - not cocoa) is completely different than the milk chocolate stuff that you buy at the store.  This is the real deal.  You know how you read about all of the health benefits you can have from eating chocolate?  Well this is the chocolate that they are talking about, except that they don't tell you that (or maybe they don't even know it?).  Who's 'they' by the way? Ha.  Anyway, so let me tell you why raw cacao is so darn good for you.

Cacao (or chocolate) which comes from the cacao bean, is:
  • the richest food source of magnesium (which helps in balancing brain chemistry)
  • high in chromium (which can naturally regulate blood sugar),
  • iron,
  • calcium,
  • potassium,
  • sulfur (which builds strong nails and hair, and promotes beautiful skin),
  • copper,
  • and zinc! 
   Raw cacao is a rich source of antioxidant flavonoids that promote cardiovascular health and protect against toxins.  It has more antioxidant flavonoids than any food, including: red wine, blueberries, and black and green teas.

Quick, pass the chocolates please!

   If you want to get in on the amazing health benefits but don't have the time to make your own chocolate, fear not!  You can buy raw chocolate bars at larger supermarkets or in Health food stores. 

ps:  No one actually got a sugar high from eating these sweet treats because I didn't use processed sugar.  In fact, these are all sweetened naturally and (if I may be so bold) could even pass as health foods!

Enjoy the non sugar high!
Ves xx

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I Have News About News... Plus, a Dreamy Recipe!

I wanted to give you guys a heads up that I'm planning something super cool and can't wait to share it with all of you!   As soon as I have all of the details figured out, you guys will be the first to know.  Stay tuned!

In the meantime...

How about a sweet treat?  I made up this yummy smoothie when I had a sweet tooth and more oranges then I knew what to do with.  So here is my super simple version of a dreamsicle smoothie:

Dreamy Dreamsicle Smoothie
2 Oranges, peeled and sectioned
1 Banana, frozen
1/2 - 1 cup Almond Milk
1/4 tsp Pure Vanilla Extract

Place all of the ingredients in your  blender and process until smooth.  Pour in a glass and enjoy with a straw!

ps: I just finished making Chocolate Brownie Bites and Chocolate Cream Cups for Easter this weekend... both vegan and raw!

Happy un-baking!

Ves xx

Monday, April 09, 2012

Has It Really Been That Long?

   Wow!  I can't believe it's been so long since my last post.  I don't like staying away so long and it makes me wish that I could quit my day job and just write!  But then I'd miss the kiddies at work so that's not really a solution.
   Anyway, I've been up to my eyeballs lately with school and work related things but have managed to cook up some really yummy treats in between.  I'm dying to post them all and anticipate that the crazy pace of my life is about to slow down a bit.  Whew! 
A couple of things worth mentioning:

#1 I just happened to celebrate (not literally) my Vegan anniversary this past month.  Woot-woot! If I had had the time, I would have loved to devote an entire post to it.. but alas, that didn't happen.  I'm so proud of myself, though - not because I didn't think I would last - but because of the healthy, responsible way I approached this lifestyle.  I was never a junk food vegan, that's for sure.  In fact, I now eat a high raw, vegan diet.  And because I was so intrigued by the health benefits of eating a vegan diet, and sharing it with the world (I'm dramatic), I decided to go back to school and become a Health and Wellness Coach.  How many people can say that after changing their diet? And not only have I gone back to school, I'm also inspiring people around me to start taking better care of themselves and their health!  Hooray!  I mean, my brother bought Kale the other day!  I have no idea if that was directly related to me or not, but I am just so thrilled that he chose to try something new.  Way to go, bro!

Speaking of yummy veggies...

#2  I've finally joined a CSA!  I did a little research and found a local farm which runs a Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) system.  There just happens to be a pick-up location 10 minutes from my place so that's a bonus.  Tomorrow will be my third time picking up my produce and I'm excited to see what I get!  I modified my share this time around by asking for no potatoes and no mushrooms (as I don't eat either of those), and more leafy greens and citrus fruits if possible.  Here is a link to the farm that I order shares from and a link to more information about CSA's and here, too.  Also, if you are curious about becoming a member of a CSA here is a link to a CSA Farm Directory in Ontario.

Well, that's all for now.  But stay tuned for some recipes coming soon!  I'm also playing around with a raw vegan Chocolate Cream Egg recipe that I'm hoping to post before this coming weekend.  Just in time for my Easter!  (Yes, I celebrate a different Easter, too.)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and a fabulous long weekend!

Happy Monday!
Ves xx
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