Monday, October 15, 2012

It's Movie Week! - Vegan MoFo #12

   Hi Friends!

   I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  My birthday was on Saturday so mine was amazing!  It was a little bittersweet though, because my parents went back home to Nova Scotia on Sunday morning.  Boo.  I'm going to miss them a whole bunch but at least we have Skype, email, phones... you name it, so that I can get my "mommy fix"!
   Anyway, on to today's post.

   This week, instead of focusing on food and recipes, I thought that I would share with you some of my favorite documentaries.  I was thinking about this the other day when my sister asked me if I had ever watched Food, Inc and if so, would I recommend it?  My initial response (being the smart mouth that I am) was to ask her, "do you know who your sister is?" But, instead I said, Hell yes I've seen it and Hell yes, you should too!

  So, my first recommendation for my Movie Week is Food, Inc.  Have you seen it?  This is definitely one of those "must watch" documentaries.  In fact, I've seen it twice.  This movie uncovers what's really going on in the food industry and who is really in control.  Um, that's YOU, by the way, in case you were wondering.  You have the control by voting with your dollar at the cash register.  But you knew that already, right?

   After watching this movie, you will not look at food the same way.  And I know this movie is talking about the American Food Industry, but trust me, we Canadians are not much better.

Here is a little clip:

   I hope you find the time to see this movie and if you've already seen it, feel free to share your thoughts about it in the comments below.

Happy Monday everyone!

Ves xx

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