Wednesday, July 11, 2012


   It's time for another episode of What I Ate Wednesday!  I really enjoy doing these posts because I actually get to see what I eat in a day.  I mean, obviously I know what I eat.  But when you take pictures and then go over them at the end of the day, you really know what you eat.  Or, in today's case, what I didn't eat.
   Today's eats are so pathetic that I am apologizing in advance.  I did not realize how little I ate until I sat down to write this post.  I also did not realize how much coffee I drank today until just now.  Whoops, I guess I needed it!

Onto the eats...

First things first, water!
{This is a recycled photo...}

I didn't realize until 20 minutes after I sat outside drinking coffee that I hadn't had any breakfast yet.  So I ran back in and scarfed down one of these mini buns with a bit of jam on the side.
{Jam not pictured}

Then it was off to work with a to-go cup of coffee.

For lunch I had some watermelon with hemp seeds sprinkled on top.  When I was packing my lunch this was the only thing that appealed to me in my fridge.  However, a couple of hours later I was hungry so I had a handful of triscuits.
{Triscuits not pictured}

On my lunch break I went out and bought another coffee because it was "one of those days".
{I swear I'm not trying to plug Timmies!}
I rushed home after work to get ready to go out to eat with a few of my friends and realized that I was kind of starving!  I had a handful of grape tomatoes to satisfy my hunger until it was time to eat.

At the resataurant I ordered a side salad to go along with...
Doesn't that look delish?
... a Veggie Burger!  I was so excited to order a veggie burger at a restaurant.  Usually they aren't vegan so this was a treat.  A super yummy treat!

Shameless plug of me and my cat right before I left for dinner!  xo
    Well there you have it, my eats for the day.  I'm sorry that they weren't very inspiring but, my brain is sort of on exams right now.  Cooking has been put to a halt and I've really just been 'preparing' food - like salads and things.  I promise that next weeks will be better!

Have a great Wednesday, and eat something why don't ya?! 
Ves xx


  1. Wow you really didn't eat that much! But what you did eat looked good though. Though I think you can be let off if you have exams. When exams are about, everything else is put on hold!

  2. Thanks! I agree 100%. This is real life and sometimes it looks like that - you may not have time to eat but you can still make healthy choices! lol


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