Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIAW #3 and Where Have I Been All This Time

  After spending over a week helping my parents (as much as I could) pack up their entire house, they have finally made the move to Digby, Nova Scotia.  Last week I spent a lot of my spare time running over to their old house feeding and playing with their cats.  My parents drove to Digby from Hamilton, and driving for a few days with cats is not ideal.  So they had them stay at the house for a few days and on Thursday I flew out with the little kitties.  Have you ever flown with cats?  I don't recommend it, especially if you are the kind of person who has a wild imagination and stresses out easily (ahem, me).  But the cats made it just fine and were pretty much back to their old selves that evening.
   Since I've been here, we've been exploring different parts of their new town.  It's really a cute little area and if you go downtown it's a little touristy and very kitschy (which I love).  My parents live near the water and my mom and I have been down to the water's edge every day for a little walk.
Steps to the water
Nothing but beach!
   This town is full of creative people and just a little drive down the road you see many shops selling super cute antiques, handmade quilts, and all kinds of kitschy decor items for your home.  
Just one of the little stops along the highway.
   My mom and I can spend hours in the shops just looking at all the little items on the shelves.  This of course builds up quite an appetite.  Nova Scotia isn't really well known for it's vegan cuisine.  In fact, a lot of my friends commented on how it was too bad that I didn't eat seafood because that is the specialty in Nova Scotia.  It's basically a fishing and logging town.  So if you love lobster, scallops, etc. then you'll be in heaven around here.  If you are like me, you will be happy to know that there are a couple of farm markets in the area selling local produce, as well as a really nice organic section at the local supermarket.
One of the local Farm Markets off the road.  Only local produce!
   On with the food and another WIAW!  Here's what I ate so far while in Nova Scotia...


 My mom has been spoiling me by having my water ready when I get up.  She also has a thermos of coffee waiting along with a mug.  I feel like I'm staying in a hotel!
PB & J
Mostly I've been making toast with peanut butter and jam.  But the other day I treated myself to a Tofu Scramble with sauteed spinach and a slice of toast.  So yummy.  I always have a glass of almond milk to go with my breakfast as well as a green smoothie.  My mom felt bad that I didn't have a blender here to make my smoothies so she bought a bottled green smoothie for me.  I am so spoiled!
Tofu Scramble
We're not really "lunch" people so I don't have any photos for lunch.  Lately we've been stopping for a coffee at Tim Hortons and that's been our lunch.  Ha.  Well, that along with some sort of snack. 

'No-Spray' Strawberries
   These strawberries, which came from the Farm Market, were super sweet, 'no-spray' and local!
We've also been eating a lot of trail mix as well as these yummy Skinny Sticks.

 We sauteed this gorgeous Swiss Chard from the farmer's market in town.  It was so delicious.
Kale salad, couscous, and a veggie burger sprinkled with Daiya Cheese.
Every night we have been preparing some leafy greens, either raw or sauteed, along with some kind of grain.
Spring salad with balsamic dressing and spaghetti with a fresh, homemade tomato sauce.
   This is pretty much what I've eaten while on vacation here in Digby.  I'm trying to get better at taking pics of my food so stay tuned for some more yummy meals!  I'm also hoping to visit some local eats but, like I said earlier, most of them focus on seafood so I'm not sure if that will be happening.

Until next time.. 
Happy Hump Day!

Ves xx


  1. I love fresh swiss had such a good array of colored stalks there!

  2. Your food looks wonderful! I have just discovered your blog, love the name!

  3. Mmm...fresh swiss chard is so yummy! I need to pick some up next time I am at the farmer's market!

  4. Yumm everything looks delicious! Especially the tofu scramble and Swiss chard:)

  5. I grew up in Hamilton, but my parents came from Nova Scotia originally. My husband and I go there every couple of years (to Cape Breton) with the kids. It is beautiful and so much fun. As vegetarians, though, it is true that it is not the best place for food for us! We rent a cottage and buy groceries to make our own food. Are your parents from Nova Scotia?

    1. Your right, by the end of my trip it was sort of joke trying to find places to eat! But we managed to find a couple of neat little restaurants offering vegan options or substitutions. My parents aren't originally from Nova Scotia they just moved there recently. It really is beautiful there and I'm actually counting down the days until I can go back! Ha.

  6. The wife, 8-month-old, and I are looking to move this year. Going to be really interesting how that works with the dogs. Not looking forward to wrangling them during the crazy times.

    1. Traveling with animals is always stressful - at least it is for us! The good thing is that if you are driving you can always stop and take the dogs for a walk - with cats we were trying to figure out how the heck we were going to get them to use a litter box in the vehicle! Ha. That's why we decided on flying them out. Good luck!


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