Monday, April 01, 2013

April Fools and Reveal Day

Hi Friends!

   I'm not much of an April Fooler but I love to hear April Fool stories.  This morning the interwebs are flooded with them and so is my inbox.  I love starting my day with a good laugh.  Here is a great one from the VegNews website: Kim and Kanye go Vegan for Baby.  Prepare to laugh your face off.  In other news, it's reveal day for Foodie Pen Pals!

   This month I got paired up with Simone from Simone's Edible Adventures.  Simone asked me some fun questions and then sent me a very thoughtful package.  I must say, it never gets old receiving a package in the mail, and I've been participating for almost a year.  I still get super excited and tear the package open as soon as I get into my apartment.  I'm like a child at Christmas!  Here's what I got this month:

My Goodies!

Tea!  I love that Simone sent me tea.  I am currently doing a liver detox which means no coffee *sob* so I've been drinking tea like it's going out of style.  These were gone within a few days.  My favorite was the Gingerbread and the Almond Biscotti.  I still have the Eggnogg'n ones because for whatever reason, I am not feeling adventurous enough to try it.  I will.  Soon.

I love Lara Bar's but I don't ever buy them.  And I've never tried the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip one before so I was excited to dig in.  I brought it along with me during a walk with my sister and we both loved it.

Dried Mangoes!  I love dried mangoes.  I still haven't opened this bag because I know that once I do, they will be gone in 3 seconds!

Almond Butter.  Love it.  I've never had almond butter in a little packet before but I feel like they created these for me.  It's almond butter on the go!  No need to wash the spoon after.  Ha.

Japanese Delight Kombu Seaweed:  I'm excited to try this and I hope it's similar to kelp noodles and less like nori.  Translation: I hope it doesn't taste like seaweed!  Ha.  Even if it does, I'll still eat it.

Omega Mango Superfood Cereal:  This is another first for me as I've never tried this before.  I feel like I'm saving it for a special occasion but I don't know why?  I really want to open the package but then I'm scared that I will love it and it will be gone!  I can be such a nerd sometime.

   Thanks again, Simone, for sending me this amazing package and including things that I've never tried before.  I love it!
   If you want to check out the goodies that I sent to my pen pal, Deborah, you can find it over at her blog Gourmet Mom.

The Lean Green Bean

To find out more about Foodie Pen Pals check out Lindsay's blog The Lean Green Bean.

Til next time,
Happy April Fool's Day!

Ves xx


  1. These are some great goodies. I'm curious to hear about the Superfood Cereal. Looks interesting. I love Larabars and don't buy them too. It's cheaper to make your own.

  2. Such a great box! I'm excited to try this in June for the first time!


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