Friday, March 01, 2013

Foodie Pen Pals - Reveal Day!

Hi Friends!

It feels like forever since I've written a Foodie Pen Pal post.  I didn't participate in January because it's a busy month for me, and in December we donated to a Sandy Relief fund in lieu of a pen pal.  I didn't realize how much I missed it!
This month I was paired with Dorine, who I think is secretly a mind reader or extremely intuitive because she sent the best.package.ever!

Here's what I got:

Clockwise from top left:  

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer- I LOVE that she sent me a make-up product!  Does she know me, or what? And yes, it's vegan!

Organic Cinnamon- When I saw this I actually laughed out loud.  I had literally just used the last of my cinnamon that morning in my smoothie.  She is definitely a mind reader.

Panda Black Licorice- Love the panda brand licorice but I've never been a fan of black licorice.. even the panda couldn't make me like this one.  Oh well, at least I gave it a try!

Bana Krisp Pistachio and Anise - these are really yummy snacks.  They hit the spot when I was catching up on my shows and wanted something to munch on.

David's Tea:  Cold 911 - I've heard so much about David's Tea but have never seen it around here.  I'm saving this for when I'm feeling under the weather.  Dorine swears by it when she is sick so I'd love to see if it actually has magical properties.  (To be fair, she never said that it did, but it sounds like it might).

Vega Vanilla Almondilla Smoothie- I added this to my morning green smoothie and it gave it a nice almond flavor.

Homemade Chocolate Hearts - These were so freaking delicious!  I make homemade chocolate and I can honestly say that these were better than mine.  Thankfully she gave me the recipe!

The Simply Bar, Coconut Lemon- I was really excited to see this bar because it was my savior when I was doing that crazy bootcamp a couple of summers ago.  I haven't bought it since then, and this was my favorite flavor.  It turns out that it's Dorine's favorite flavor too!

Thanks again Dorine for sending this awesome package!  And thanks as always, to Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean for hosting this amazing Foodie exchange.  Check out her page to see what Foodie Pen Pals is all about and sign up for next month!

The Lean Green Bean

Til next time...

Ves xx

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