Monday, February 18, 2013

Family Day!

   Hi Friends!

   It's Family Day here in Ontario which means my Monday was spent at home rather than at work!  I love holiday long weekends.  My sister and I spent the day together at my place watching old movies, chatting on Skype with our mom, painting our nails and eating yummy food.  It was a really fun day and a perfect way to spend Family Day, in my opinion.

Here's what Family Day looked like for me and my sis... oh, and Patchie, too!

Patchie was sunning herself all morning!  I couldn't get her away from the window (not that I tried!).
My sis and I grabbed a coffee on our way to my place and discovered that today is the first day of Roll up the Rim!  Woohoo! (I lost my first roll up... figures!)

My sister made a super delicious (and VERY garlicky) Guacamole.
Patchie trying to steal our Doritos.  Did you know that Sweet Chili Heat is vegan?  It sure is!
Dinner:  I made us "Egg 'n' Cheese" Sandwiches with tofu and my sister loved it.  (She hates tofu!)
We also had some girly fun painting our nails!
I think mine turned out pretty okay!
   I hope you guys had a great Family Day... or Islander Day as I'm told they call it in P.E.I.  Otherwise, I hope your Monday was about as awesome as mine was!

Ves xx

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