Thursday, March 07, 2013

It's a Guest Post Kinda Day

Hi Friends!

We are changing things up a bit for today's post.  Cindy, my lovely Foodie Pen Pal from last month has written a guest post about the package that I sent her.  As she doesn't have a blog, I offered her an outlet to share her thoughts on the goodies that I sent.

Here's what she has to say:

I’m nowhere near vegan- I love food of all kinds far too much to be restrictive in this sense-  BUT I’m very adventurous and receptive to trying new culinary delights. I was thrilled to be paired with Vesna- when I saw the name of her blog it was love at first glance: Lipstick is my favorite cosmetic, and Lemon Drops are my absolute to die for alcoholic treat. When I read through the blog I realized I could be in for a pleasant surprise, considering our vastly different nutritional choices, and I WAS SO RIGHT!

I don’t judge a treat by its name nor its package. KALE CHIPS from Rhythm Superfoods most assuredly would not have been my choice given options in the natural foods dept. But WOW! They’re awesome! I’ve eaten them as a snack on their own, and because they’re very delicate most of the package was pretty much crumbled but that’s ok because in tomato soup, they need to be crumbled anyway. Have had tomato soup four lunches in a row now. Just because these chips are so fab in an otherwise boring bowl! Will be buying these for the sole purpose of crumbling up in tomato soup. Buh Bye Crackers…

 The Good Bean All Natural Roasted chickpea snack Sweet Cinnamon flavor didn’t last long. I love cinnamon and I love chickpeas however usually they’re found in a rice bean pea and cheese casserole I make when I’m wanting something lighter than regular animal- based protein. Never thought of them as a sweet snack but do now!

Manitoba Harvets Hemp Hearts are an interesting seed- have sprinkled on salad, mixed in my oatmeal, and added to yogurt and fruit. Very versatile with a mild but interesting flavor that goes from sweet to savory very happily. And apparently they’re very healthy! I’m in for a bag of these too soon as they’re gone.

Barkleys Chocolate Truffle Bar- Mint and Dark Chocolate. Vesna. How did you know? No, REALLY, how could you have included without having met me something nobody else I know likes but is my first choice for ooey gooey chocolatey goodness. Mint and chocolate. Dark Chocolate. The only kinda chocolate I eat. Ooooooh it was beautiful melt in my mouth don’t-talk-to-me-I’ve-got-something-going-on mint and chocolate orgasm. I tried to make it last till the end of the day. Didn’t happen…

 Ok, here’s the kicker, the ONE THING I really wasn’t thrilled about when I unpacked my treats. I’m not a seaweed eater. Tried, failed, don’t even like noori in my sushi, keep it out of my sight. Tried it toasted. Tried it toasted with lots of garlic. Tried it in salad, with rice, have really tried to find a way to like it since its so common in Japanese cuisine and I’m big on sushi and sashimi and all things Japanese. Except seaweed. This was the last package I opened, and only opened it yesterday because I knew I had to in order to write something for Vesna’s blog. Totally expected to simply make mention “And thank you for the Sea Sprinkles Seaweed Snack Clusters (made with Agave).” Uh oh. The package is now EMPTY. I cut the bag open TO LICK ALL THE LITTLE TINY BITS OFF THE INSIDE. Whoever thought to combine seaweed with olive oil, agave syrup, sesame oil, sesame seeds and sea salt is a genius of epic proportions. I’m not going to just buy a bag of these, I’m buying a case. Seriously. Whenever I’m tempted to reach for a less than healthy snack, I’ll have these around. Wonder if they make them in big family size bags?

This was my first and most definitely NOT my last venture into Foodie Pen Pals. Its exciting to know there’s a whole network of other like minded people who want to experience what others love! And, the vehicle with which to share them is so well organized!


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