Wednesday, February 13, 2013

WIAW # 25 and Not So Tech Savvy

   Hi Friends!

   I'm back with another What I Ate Wednesday post.  I actually had posts all set to go for Monday and Tuesday but there were some technical difficulties over here at the L&L headquarters.  Okay, fine.  I was the technical difficulty!  It turns out that I scheduled the posts for the wrong days (it could've been the wrong month for all I know!).  I thought about re-posting them but for now, let's talk food... in the form of what I've been munching on lately.  Sound good?

   Here is what I ate yesterday... on Pancake Tuesday.  You'll note that there are no pancakes.  It's also known as Fat Tuesday.  You'll also note that there is no Jumbalaya or anything remotely resembling Mardis Gras food.  I had a work function and didn't get home until later so I was not in the mood to fiddle around in the kitchen.  I've already promised myself pancakes on the weekend though, so it's all good.

So, without further ado (and pancakes) here's what I ate...

My liquids are the usual suspects:  Lemon water, coffee, more water, more coffee, some tea... more water.  You get the idea.

I took this picture during my SECOND snow day of the year AKA last Friday.
Green Smoothie:  My favorite combo lately (like for the last 6 months it seems!) is spinach, celery, mango, spirulina powder, hemp protein, cinnamon and water.  Love it.

Always a salad and almost always the same (I switch up the veggies sometimes).  This one has arugula, grape tomatoes, avocado and a salsa and mustard dressing.  I added some nutritional yeast after I took the photo because it's embarrassing how much of it I use.

Berry Smoothie:  almond milk, spinach, hemp protein powder, cinnamon, and mixed berries.

Dinner was quick and easy.  Cookin' Greens athlete mix from the freezer, veggie burger on a bed of greens and tomatoes, topped with avocado.  Again, I added the nutritional yeast after I took the photo.  I swear, I love it so much it's kind of like my Frank's Red Hot Sauce.  You know what I mean... I put that sh*t on everything!  Ha.

To satisfy my sweet tooth I cut up a banana and added a bit of almond butter and a couple of tablespoons of muesli. It ended up being a bit dry so I added a small amount of almond milk and it was perfect.

   So there you have it - my fairly clean eats for yesterday.  It feels really good to be back on track with my meals.  Don't get me wrong, I love indulging... but, I definitely love clean eating more!

   By the way, are you guys giving anything up for Lent?  I was thinking about what I might give up but, let's be real here... what the heck do I have left to give up?  Well, I guess maybe wine?  Ugh.  Do I have to?  I'll think about it.  Do I even have time to think about it?  I'll keep you guys posted.

And in case you are stuck for ideas -

Here's a list of the 5 most popular things to give up during Lent:
Cigarettes and Alchohol
Junk food
(I wish I could find the link where I saw this list because there were some funny comments attached to each thing.)

Happy middle of the week day and also Ash Wednesday!

Ves xx

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  1. I'm also a lover of smoothie. Just yesterday, I had banana, spinach, kale, and carrot combo. :) But I'd like to try your green smoothie combo, too. How does it taste? Where do you buy organic spirulina powder?


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