Wednesday, June 06, 2012

WIAW #2 OR What I Ate While Packing!

   It's time for another episode of What I Ate Wednesday - Packing Edition.  (A big thank you to Jenn for hosting!) Like I mentioned in my other post, I've spent most of this weekend helping my parents pack up their house.  They're moving to Nova Scotia on Sunday (yikes, that's just around the corner!) and taking the bare minimum with them.  Over the weekend it's become very obvious that together as a family, my parents, siblings' and I have accumulated a lot of stuff!  So much so that my mom has started referring to herself as a "hoarder".  I keep reminding her that it takes quite a collection to be able to call yourself that.  However, when you discover that you own well over 40 mugs - not to mention the amount of votive holders, and books - I can see how someone might come to that conclusion. 
   Needless to say, we spent the better part of the weekend making up donation and giveaway piles.  My mom and I were exhausted hauling those boxes up from the basement and we definitely worked up an appetite!

Onto the food...



I started my morning off with a green smoothie, jam packed with greens for energy and hemp seeds for protein.

I took the smoothie 'to-go', along with my coffee.


For lunch I had some whole grain rice and wheatberry salad, veggie sticks, hummus, and zucchini relish.  So good!

 Coffee and dessert!  This was a vegan mocha cheesecake made by a company called Sweets From the Earth.  It was really delicious.

   So delicious that we ended up having it again as a snack later on with another coffee!

   I'm not sure what time it was when we actually had supper but I know we stopped at some point because I snapped this picture!  More veggie sticks, sweet potato fries, pickles, green beans, and mustard.  YUM!

   Later on that night I had a snack attack and ate some of these pretzels.  Mmmm....
So there you have it!  I hope you've enjoyed my random eats while helping my parent's pack. 

Til next time...

Ves xx

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  1. I would have had two of those desserts too - packing works up quite the appetite. Then again, I might have two of those desserts w/o packing...


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