Saturday, May 26, 2012

All BEET Burgers!

   Yes, you read that right, and no, it's not a typo.  Beet Burgers!  I was so excited when I stumbled upon this recipe a while back.  This one comes from IsaChandra over at the Post Punk Kitchen.  I love finding new ways to make veggie burgers and I absolutely love when it's as super simple as this one.  I pretty much followed the recipe except that I made my burgers mini-sized. I also subbed some ingredients and increased the amounts of others, and I added in my own spices.  Okay, maybe I didn't follow it to the "T" but I did add the main ingredients (rice, lentils and beets) so it's kinda the same! Ha.

Here's how mine came together...

Whizzing away in the food processor until... all comes together and looks freakishly like meat! 
Ready for the oven.  I love that you can see chunks of onion, it reminds me of my mom's burgers.
Done!  I tried getting that charred look by putting them under the broiler.  Next time I will totally try and barbecue these!
All stacked lookin' fancy... ha.
Ready to eat!  This was really messy to eat but also really yummy!

    I don't usually buy bread or really eat too much of it so I used the sprouted bread that I had in the freezer and just trimmed it up a bit to form a bun.  That's probably why it was super messy to eat.  Ha.  I guess next time I'll have to suck it up and buy some buns, which I'm pretty sure will please whoever else will be eating these with me! Also, I'm a sprout lover so I had to add sprouts to this burger, and I never eat a burger without a tomato or two.  Finally, the only spread that I use on my burgers is usually mustard.  When it comes to mustard, I don't discriminate.  I buy whatever looks good - yellow, dijon, sweet onion, etc.  For this particular burger I also put some salsa on it... I can't help it, I love salsa! 

Here's the link to the original recipe:  Quarter Pounder Beet Burgers

Ves xx 

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