Friday, November 16, 2012

Sheesh, What's Up With the Silence?

   Hi Friends!

   I'm so sorry for the silence around here.  I have been totally preoccupied with work, meetings, and Thanksgiving preparations that I haven't had any energy to devote to my blog.  I actually have quite a few posts on the go but no desire to finish any of them!  What the...? 

   I should explain that by "Thanksgiving preparations", I really mean surfing the interweb and watching The Chew.  Ha!  I don't have a set menu yet so I've been searching for inspiration and loving what I'm seeing.  Because this is only my second all vegan Thanksgiving, I don't actually have a traditional menu.  I will be making one repeat from last year - my Grilled Cheese and Apple Crostini.  I was already thinking of making this appetizer and then my sister-in-law requested it and I knew it had to go on the menu officially.   So I have one appetizer figured out and two possible desserts, but no idea what to make for my main and sides.  Obviously I'll be making a stuffing and gravy, but not sure what else.

   I have to admit that this is my favorite part about menu planning.  I love reading recipes and looking at the mouthwatering photos that accompany them.

Here's some of the yummy recipes that I've been drooling over:

New-Style Thanksgiving Potatoes with Walnut Guacamole à la Mode - Vegetarian Times
This looks like an adorably easy recipe and we all know how much I love anything to do with avocados!
Sweet Potatoes with Collard Greens and Aduki Beans - Whole Foods Market
This recipe looks so fresh and delicious.  It also happens to combine my two favorites: Sweet Potaoes and greens!  Yum.
Superb Squash Soup with the Best Parmesan Croutons - Jamie Oliver
This recipe sounds so good and can easily be vaganized.  Plus, it's by Jamie Oliver, my imaginary husband.  Ha.
Smokey Pumpkin Grits with Maple-Roasted Pepitas - via One Green Planet
I love polenta and would totally use it in place of traditional grits.  Otherwise, this recipe looks super yum!
Glazed Lentil Walnut Apple Loaf - Oh She Glows
I know that I've already made this for Canadian Thanksgiving, but I couldn't resist adding it to this list.  It's so yummy!
Vegan Pumpkin Pie - Kathy @ Healthy Happy Life
I absolutely love her recipes and this one looks sinfully delicious! 

   I've just given you a bunch of drool worthy recipes to feast your eyes on, and I hope that if you try one of them you will let me know how they turn out.  If you are attending Thanksgiving at my house next week and are thinking that you have an idea what the menu will look like, you don't.  I'm not making any of these recipes.  BUT, as soon as I figure out my menu I will post it here!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Ves xx

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