Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm still here!

    Hi all!
    I've totally missed writing on my little blog.  I've been so busy lately that I feel like I can't even catch my breath.  So much has been going on, it seems like everyone has had a Birthday, Wedding or Shower of some sort!  Between family, friends, work and life who has time for a blog?  I'm envious of those people who post something daily.  Do they go to work?  Well, I'm going to make it a priority!  If I can't post daily I'll at least try and post weekly and maybe even twice weekly...although that may be pushing it. Ha! 
    So what's been happening around here?  Well, lots of events with the fam and friends actually. 
We had a combined birthday for my sis and sis-in-law which was filled with good food, great people and a little craziness in the mix.  Probably the only adult party with pinata's in the front yard.  Sure my 6 year old nephew was there, but the adults swung first!

     That's my crazy cousin... he broke the giant wooden spoon swinging at the pinata.  Did I mention that the pinatas were the size of a CD?  Just another family party!

     I've also been having a blast attending weddings and bridal showers for my friends.  I love dressing up and getting together with friends eating, drinking, and dancing!  I also love that they requested vegan meals for me at the Banquet Halls.  (It totally didn't occur to me to put anything on the RSVP cards.)  I love my friends!

    This was my main course at the bridal shower, and even though it's not balanced - just veggies! - it was so delish.  Even the non-veg people at my table were salivating at the sight of my meal! 
    My favorite part of the bridal shower was the games.  My table won prizes for one game and I won a prize for my shoes!

This was the dress making game - we didn't win, but look how cute!

This was our idea of a perfect (kidding) Honeymoon using playdough and we won!

Look at the pretty shoes!  Mine are the pink ones - they won me a prize!

    So much more has been going on but I'll save it for the next blog!  I promise I won't be a stranger.
Until next time... get outside and enjoy the weather!

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