Wednesday, August 08, 2012

WIAW #10 OR Summer Lovin'!

   I love that it's Wednesday already but that the work week just got started.  Did I mention how much I love long weekends?  I also really love doing these WIAW posts and this month is probably going to be my favorite.  The theme for the month is Summer Staples and there is nothing I love more than Summer!  (Except for maybe Fall... oops!)
   Let's focus on summer for now.  I have so much to share but I'll spread it out throughout the month.
Let's get started... 

Salads:  Featuring... Tomatoes and Avocados!
   I know I eat salad ALL of the time but I love them the most in the summer time.  I keep them light and fresh with usually only lemon or lime juice as the dressing + some seasoning.  No oil for me thanks!  And the star of the salad show is always tomatoes and avocados.
{spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, avocados, chia seeds}
{tomato, avocado, basil, lemon}
{black kale, spinach, tomato, cucumber, avocado, nori, lemon, lime, nooch}
+ Guacamole!

   And lots of it!  Gotta stay hydrated in this heat... and as always, gotta add some liver cleansing lemon!

   I love cherries but I think my sister loves them the most.  Every time she comes over she brings me another bag of cherries.  I love it!
{summer in a bowl}
   I really don't need to say much about watermelon - just slice one open and it smells like summer. (Don't forget to eat it!)
{summer on a plate}

 Big Brother!
   Nothing says summer like watching Big Brother!  As soon as the weather starts to get a teensy bit warm, I start to ask, "When does Big Brother start?"  I love this show, it never get's old.

And last but not least...

 Arctic Rush!
       I can't watch BB without sipping on one of these!  They're full of sugar and artificial flavor but who cares when they taste this good? 
{lemon-lime and blue-raspberry are my favorite flavors}
   Stay tuned next Wednesday for more food + drinks, some of my favorite beach reads, and of course dessert!

Til next time...
Happy WIAW!
Ves xx

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