Sunday, May 08, 2011

A European Vegan?

 Yes, it’s true.  It may not seem so strange to most people, but those people did not grow up in my house.  Family gatherings consisted of the entire Serbian community coming over to our house and sitting down to a big slab of meat in the center of the table.  My dad and male relatives would stand around the spit outside and watch while a pig or lamb roasted on it.  I wasn’t very interested in being a part of that process growing up nor did I enjoy eating the meat when it was done.  Of course, when we were little we didn’t really have a choice.  If it was put on a plate in front of you, you ate it.
As I got older this became less of an issue and I ate whatever I liked, which definitely did NOT include pig or lamb or red meat for that matter. Anywho, one day I stumbled upon a website that gave me a little too much information into what actually happens to the animals before they hit my grocers fridge.  I’m a very sensitive person and needless to say I did not react well.  In fact, I cried like a baby.  And then I swore off meat.  And then a few weeks after that I swore off dairy, eggs and everything else containing animal products. 
But, I haven’t looked back since!  I love being vegan and I’m constantly learning new things about the health benefits, delicious foods, and the benefits to the planet.  I don’t miss any of the foods that I used to love, like cheese, yogurt, eggs, and so many other foods… I can go on and on but this blog would never end.  I’m not a superhero and I’m not depriving myself.  My friends compliment me on my will power but, to be honest, there is no will power involved.  I don’t want those foods.  Period.  I don’t want any animals to be harmed so that I can enjoy a piece of cheese, a slice of turkey, or a cream puff.  It’s that simple.
And so, that’s why I’ve decided to start this blog.  I’m kinda new at being a vegan and I’m sure other people are as well.  I plan to blog about the new things that I learn, like recipes and such.  And I welcome anyone who would like to, to share here what they have learned as well. 

Thanks for reading!
Ves xx

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  1. Dear Vegan,

    I loved your post!! I congratulate you on becoming a vegan!! Myself coming from a European family who eat meat three times a day it was difficult for me to transition into a vegan, but I as well have not looked back. I look forward in reading your posts keep up the good work! You should write a book by the way!! :)

    P.S... You look like a Sex in the City girl!! ;)


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